[EN] До 30 января принимаются заявки на участие в конференции Оксфордского университета “Globalising and Localising the Great War”

20 марта 2015 года, Великобритания

Новости 12.01.2015 // 380

Globalising and Localising the Great War is a project based at the University of Oxford which aims to bring together scholars who are working on the War from a variety of different perspectives. Its fundamental objective is to ensure that the commemoration of the War produces ground-breaking new research and fresh insights. It is fundamentally interdisciplinary in its methodology and aims to encourage scholars from different fields and backgrounds to broaden their approaches to writing histories of the First World War.

Within this context we invite submissions on a broad range of topics and backgrounds with the aim of providing a conference that is similarly broad and interdisciplinary in its scope and content. All papers relevant to the First World War are welcomed, but we would encourage applications in particular which focus on the following approaches:

— global/transnational
— cultural
— military
— political/legal
— social
— economic

Papers should be designed to be approximately 20 minutes in length. We particularly invite submissions from postgraduate students and early career researchers.

To apply, please send a 200 word abstract with your approach in the subject line to glgw.gradconference@history.ox.ac.uk by Friday 30th January 2015.

Visit the website at http://greatwar.modhist.ox.ac.uk/?p=1412


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